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Hey there, I’m

Tyler Samani-Sprunk

Helping Marketers Kill It With Content


Turning abstract best practices into actionable insights.


Simplifying stand-out content marketing for B2B tech companies.

I’m a…


Content Agency Founder

I’ve seen what works for a variety of clients and I know what it’s like to NEED marketing to work for your business.

Buyer Advocate

Modern marketing must deliver value to your audience in and of itself. I’m here to help rid the world of selfish marketing.


My favorite thing to do is translate complex concepts into simple ideas you can act on.

Process Person

I geek out over creating systems that make work better and easier to manage.

Let’s Chat About…

The best part of marketing is the never-ending opportunity to perfect our craft. For me, speaking is a way to maximize this opportunity – paying forward lessons I’ve learned and gaining new insight from all the great people I meet.

I love to speak about content marketing and making marketers’ lives easier. Choose from one of my talks listed here, or let me know how I can be of most help to your audience.

The Tortoise, The Hare, & Why Your Marketing Team Needs Both
Some marketers feel like their company moves too slowly, while others are overwhelmed by the pace they’re being asked to keep up with. In this talk, I help them find the sweet spot – highlighting when to slow down to focus and when to sprint to the finish line.
Killing It With Content 101 - Exactly How To Start Generating Results With Content
There are a million best practices, tips, tricks, and pieces of advice out there about content marketing. But if you’re starting from scratch in today’s world, what actually works and how do you do it? That’s what I break down in this extremely actionable presentation.
How To Build An Engine for Growth Fueled by Your Customers
Inspired by HubSpot’s flywheel concept, this in-depth workshop helps marketers and business leaders truly put the customer at the center of their efforts. Discover how to make marketing, sales, and service work more effectively to drive consistent growth.
The ABCs of Video Marketing
The trick to video marketing is creating compelling, consistent video content – and creating a lot of it. But how the heck do you do that with limited budget and resources? This presentation makes it as easy as A, B, C.

"Tyler is great at presenting, answering questions, and making it feel like an open collaborative environment."

– HubSpot User Group Attendee

"Tyler led an engaging and insightful workshop for our partners. He delivered exceptional value and insight for our attendees."

– Operations Director, Pink Gorilla Events

"Tyler's presentation was immensely helpful. It was practical and so applicable."

– AMA Workshop Attendee

Need Some Help?

At the agency I co-founded, Simple Strat, we simplify stand-out content marketing for B2B tech brands.
HubSpot Hacks is a YouTube channel I co-host that’s packed with straightforward HubSpot tutorial videos.

Nice to meet you!

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’m Tyler and I like marketing — especially content marketing. Since starting my first agency with a couple friends in college, I’ve been hooked on helping people create marketing that helps both their business and the audiences they serve.

Knowing how to do that is no easy task, especially with the overwhelming amount of best practices and advice out there. So I focus on making it all more simple through speaking, social media (find me on Twitter @GetSprunk), and my agency — aptly named Simple Strat. In the not-so-common moments I’m not doing that, you can usually find me riding my Harley, sitting on a beach, or hanging out with my husband and our four-legged kiddos.

Whether you want to talk motorcycles or marketing, hit me up using this form to ask a question or invite me to speak.

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